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The Shishi Store is the Official Store of Avaiyo: Myriad Law. By purchasing directly from Shishi Manga, we promise quality services, great prices and items not available anywhere else. There are Plenty of Discounts, Package Deals, all three Digital Formats, Prints, Posters, Bookmarks and other Avaiyo Merchandise! This is also the only place you can order artistic works and volumes signed by the creator himself. For the best deals, The Shishi Store is the best choice!

To visit The Shishi Store, please CLICK HERE

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and Shishi Manga is proud to be selling with them. Chapters are available in Kindle format and Volumes are available in both Paperback and Digital. The great thing about Amazon is books purchased through them are actually printed by their affiliates, Createspace. So, if The Shishi Store would happen to sell out of stock, Amazon will ALWAYS have copies of Avaiyo available!

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ComiXology is the No. 1 supplier of online digital comics and Avaiyo: Myriad is excited to be part of their family. Digital Chapters and Volumes are readily available on the ComiXology App at very reasonable prices.

To visit The Shishi Store, please CLICK HERE

Gumroad is another channel handled directly by Shishi Manga, global. Gumroad serves as an alternative to The Shishi Store, but has very unique features and options exclusive only to them. Coming Soon, Avaiyo will be available on Gumroad as a Subscription and Membership service. By paying monthly or annually, services allow access to Avaiyo Chapters & Volumes. Stay up to date the moment new releases become available, as well as Early Bird Specials and other Bonus Features.

To visit Gumroad, please CLICK HERE

Tapastic is a huge webcomic syndicate that hosts over 5,000 artists' works. There, you can find over 30 chapters of Avaiyo, free to read. For anyone who has yet to enjoy that which is Avaiyo, this is a great place to start!

To visit Tapastic, please CLICK HERE

The iBookstore is Apple's homefront for digital reading material. Powered by iTunes, iBooks is a necessity for anyone who has an iPad, iPhone, iMac, iOS or OSX.

To visit the iBookstore, please CLICK HERE

Barnes & Noble is largest retail bookseller in the United States and has paperback volumes of Avaiyo available through their online website. As of now, Avaiyo is supplied to Barnes & Noble through Expanded Distributtion Channels, but will hopefully soon be selling direct as a Wholesaler.

To visit Barnes & Noble, please CLICK HERE

Last but not least is Etsy. Etsy is another Sales Channel run by Shishi Manga, global and has paperback copies of Avaiyo: Myriad Law readily available. Signed copies with Personalized Inscriptions are avaialbe through the Etsy Sales Channel.

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