Fayli: Hmmm, I guess you're wondering what Xaology is. Fayli: Sekken! Iyo! Come over here for a second. Fayli: To put it simply...Xaology is magic. It's a lot more scientific that just that, but I shouldn't be the one to explain it to you. I'm not good with all that gobbily-guk. Sekken: Yes Fayli? Fayli: Can you guys please explain the principles of Xaology? ...How it works and all that. Sekken: Certainly. Well, I will at least. (Iyo doesn't like to talk around strangers) Sekken: This is a world where everyone can practice and study Xaology. From the youngest child to the eldest grandparent, it is part of everyday lifestyle and something everyone is capable of. Having been enslaved for most of their lives, the citizens of Xiltria must relearn these once inherent traits. In doing so, they are beginning to uncover knowledge about their past Sekken: However, the deeper they dig, the more they realize some things should have been left buried. Fayli: Um, you're getting a little off track. Iyo: ... Sekken: My apologies Sekken: Xaology is actually the study of magic. The definition of magic is: The manipulation of elements on a molecular level; used to control, extract or supply certain states of matter. Everything is made of molecules...energy. We refer to that energy as xil. Sekken: Xiltria literally means, Living World. It's part of all things, living or not, and is something we can naturally control. Sekken: The more we hone our senses, Sekken: The closer we come to understanding Xaology - Sekken: - and as we understand it more and more with each step... Sekken: The possibilities become endless. Fayli: Thank You Sekken. I think you've given them enough to process for today. Sekken: You're Welcome. Fayli: Now let's talk about something else.