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The Avaiyo Series

In this Post-apocalyptic, Pre-apocalyptic world, people are just beginning to relearn the concepts of magic. Humanity has just won their freedom in a bloody struggle against an oppressive tyrant. As they continue to learn what it means to be free, they're starting to understand their own culture and the dark, twisted past of their ancestors while continuing to fight against the remnants of a fallen empire.

    Avaiyo, Vol. 01

    Raruka part I

A World Enslaved...

After centuries of slavery under the oppressive rule of the Tamiran Empire, the people of Xiltria could no longer bear such anguish. Through immeasurable losses and hardships, these suffering victims were finally able to win back their lands. By forming militias and unifying all slaves together under one flag they were eventually able to crush the Tamiran Empire who had conquered the world so long ago. The people now had a fresh start in life. With their new “free world” they finally have a chance to get what they've wanted from the very start...peace.

Their dreams have been realized. Regions. Countries. Nations have been restored to their former glory. All of Xiltria now works together. With their continued efforts to reshape the world it is a time of prosperity. However, the seeds of evil have endured. In the underbelly of society, subtle remnants of the exiled Tamiran Empire still live on...and are starting to give way towards a new threat.

It's been nearly eight years since the citizens of Xiltria regained their freedom. Sekken, a young man who lived through the carnage, travels the world in an attempt to suppress any threats that could endanger this new "free world."

    Avaiyo, Vol. 02

    Raruka part II

The World of Xiltria...

After centuries of slavery under the oppressive rule of the Tamiran Empire, the people of Xiltria were finally able to regain their freedom. It's been nearly eight years since the Era of Slavery, and the tides of peace are beginning to wash away. Subtle remnants of the exiled Tamiran Empire still live on and are starting to give way towards a new threat.

One such threat has been brought to the doorstep of Pegil Village. Helpless to defend themselves, they call out for help in hopes that someone will answer. With their pleas heard, Sekken and Iyo push forward into the depths of Daskin's Lair. Separated from each other, they must rely on their own skills to face the impending dangers.

Iyo now leads the survivors through the labyrinth of caverns to freedom. Believing they are safe, they continue their escape. However, something or someone, is lurking nearby. Will Iyo's strength be enough to protect the villagers?

As the dark force advances on Iyo, Sekken stands before Daskin and the children abducted from Pegil. For their own protection, Sekken must submit to Daskin's Command to protect their lives. With the children being held as hostages, Sekken searches for a way to coerce them away from the Tamiran's clutches.

    Avaiyo, Vol. 03

    Preminx part I

A Free World...

Over seven years have passed since the collapse of the Tamiran Empire. Starting from the ground up, Xiltria is becoming a decent world once again. Government. Structures. Law and Order. Everything is slowly shaping into ideals that the people could only dream about. The Nation of Brosha has become a prosperous country. With an abundance of culture, resources and faith, they continue to push forward.

However, threats from the Dark Legion continue to emerge throughout the corners of the world. Within the Nation of Brosha stands the city of Montaru. A foundation for establishing worldly order. A place where everyone comes together, in hopes of protecting the innocent and stomping out any threats against Xiltria.

Thanks to the help of Sekken and Iyo, the citizens of Pegil can continue to live peacefully again. Though there may be hardships, they at least have the opportunity to overcome them. Heading back to Brosha, Sekken and Iyo meet up with their guild, Emerald Moon.

Reunions are cut short as a new crisis emerges that has the means to threaten the entire world. With little time to spare, they depart for Preminx...in hopes of heading off the Dark Legion. With Emerald Moon standing between two armies, it is their hope the Region of Preminx will not be soaked in blood.

    Avaiyo, Vol. 04

    Preminx part II

A World Threatened...

Once again, the Tamiran Empire is trying to establish itself as the supreme world power. Now known as the Dark Legion, they're raising underground armies throughout the world to overthrow the civilizations of Xiltria. Within the Region of Preminx, the discovery of their encampment has forced their hand. Marching from one city to another, nothing is safe as they kill anyone who knows of their existence.

The first city to fall is Lokili. Ruins are left in the Dark Legion's wake as they abandon the decimated city and head for Orabal. However, it's impossible to keep such carnage a secret. Without a moments breath, news begins to circulate around the Nation. Mercenaries and guilds alike join forces to thwart the Dark Legion's march. With their whereabouts now disclosed to the entire world, they have two choices: continue on towards Orabal, or return to protect their hideout.

Amidst the chaos, Emerald Moon has discovered their hidden base and plan to overthrow it before the army returns. While successfully infiltrating the encampment, Emerald Moon now stands before the very heart of the Dark Legion. In their efforts to destroy the Command Center, they've unwillingly become pinned between an impenetrable barrier and an army of undead Neyens. With danger coming from all sides, Fayli, Lage and Eyader have only one choice...to engage the enemy.